Comparative Private Law and Legal Pluralism

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Que personne ne bouge! La protection de la confiance légitime en droit civil québécois

Social interactions unfold against a backdrop of mutual reliance. Though it may be wholly implicit, this reliance guides our actions and helps ensure the smooth operation of social life. It makes our interactions foreseeable, provides a baseline of expectation in social relations, and builds confidence that appearances reflect reality. In law, the idea of “legitimate […] Read more

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The Unbounded Level of the Mind : Rod Macdonald’s Legal Imagination

Roderick A. Macdonald (1948-2014), internationally renowned for his expertise on access to justice, legal pluralism, and the philosophy of law, was first and foremost a teacher and mentor. He believed in the law as a promise our society makes to itself, and passionately imparted this message to students who went on to become lawyers, judges, […] Read more